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"Nigiri-Sushi"One piece can be ordered.
(Dinner time 17:00〜23:00)
(Dinner time 17:00〜23:00)
(Dinner time 17:00〜23:00)
Lunch menu is reasonable.
(Lunch time 11:30〜13:00)
◆Question corner about sushi〜You will be well informed about sushi!◆

Q1 Beside set menu,which kind of Sushi should I order first?

A:Many people ask these questions.
-Beside the set menu, what kind of Sushi should I order first?
-I don't know what kind of sushi I should order
-What is the best kind of sushi to order first(second, third...etc)
to really enjoy sushi?

Actually, there are no rules. We'd like you to have fun eating Sushi!
So our answer is 「Anything you like! Have fun with your meal!」

The most common first order is to eat soft (thin) tasting sushi and
then stronger (thicker) tasting.
As we said before, order as you like!
If you want to order soft taste after a strong taste, you should
refresh the inside yourmouth.
Because after thick taste, soft tasting sushi's great taste will disappear.
You should drink "
Green tea" and nibble "pickled ginger" (It's called "Gari"),it will refresh
your mouth and you'll be ready
for the next piece of sushi. Please enjoy your meal!

Q2:Can't we order one piece of Sushi?

A:You can order one each of sushi.
But if you don't ask we will usually serve 2 pieces of Sushi
on your dish.
There are some reasons. -It's too easy for it to roll off the dish
if we serve only one piece. You can eat one
sushi first, then drink something (Alcohol etc.) and
then eat the remaining piece. You will enjoy different tastes.
You can enjoy many kinds of different Sushi.
Please you feel free to ask us.

Q3:Why are bamboo leaves used for decorating Sushi?

A: Bamboo leaves act
as a sterilizer for sushi. It was also used in the old days to make sushi
slices look beautiful. We thought the use of bamboo leaves were still common
in many sushi restaurants; but, we've found that many restaurants use plastic,
nowadays. When we serve sushi,we use real bamboo leaves. We don't use real
leaves when delivering sushi because the leaves wouldn't stay fresh. Plastic
doesn't spoil. At the restaurant, leaves are fresh, but real ones dry easily;
making it not good for delivery. The necessity of bamboo may have been
lost with the advancement of technology; but we strive to preserve the
tradition of using it in the sushi restaurant. By the way, always cut bamboo
leaves with a knife!

Guidance to Nishikizushi

▼Location guidance ▼

Traffic guidance is detailed,
and it is explained by using the photograph.

Address 〒231-0064 Kanagawa-Ken
Yokohama City Naka-ku noge-cho1-13
TEL 045-231-6726
Regular holidays 
Sunday/National holiday

Lunch time 11:30〜13:00
※Closed for lunch Saturday.

Dinner time
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